Caparelli Construction Urban Legend Railroad
A Station of Imagination for the mood... and atmosphere of "Visual Stroll" railroading
so ask not for whom the whistle blows...
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Urban Legend Railroad
The Great Choo-Choo Zen
"The Make-Believe Metaphor Express"

                Urban Legend  N Scale  Railroad is an evolution of little ideas that started with a small display in my glass shop window... It was to be a gold mine advertising my Gold Leaf services on special glass and mirror etching... with little N scale ore cars to make the point.

                The next thing you know it was turning into a coffee table, for a client that came by one night to pick up a glass job... I want one he said!... He was bitten hard and deep by the railroad bug and laid down a cash deposit  when he saw the scale models and sketches I was working  on...  The sketches were  of a wooden box with an etched glass top... A coal box filled with trains... And when it was finished  I finally came to call it the...

"Rich Guys Urban Legend Railroad Coffee Table Folk Art Movement"

 After considerable planning, and changing plans, building, and photographing this coffee table in changing light, I created a railroad page on my website for etched glass  toasting, Then I added a couple of railroad pages to my  website for etched glass Museum.   r j rich cut 

An online glass museum and a school for students of the etch...
I was told by several people that my scale model shows had enough "magazine quality" content for a railroad website that could be established and expanded in many different directions... So work began on a website for the railroad and at the same time I started working at developing a channel on YouTube...
With Glass Etch Tutorials for students of the keep an eye out for...
The University of Glass Etch Practice

                 As the website began to materialize I began to consider  creative options on what to offer in a potential format, and having  something for everybody. In literary terms, a fantasy hangout with  touches of reality. To keep the website moving ... I decided to add  a Magazine Page Hangout with videos on YouTube... I am amazed at the availability for my content presentation YouTube allows me. It is a great tool for the shows of urban legend railroad, so come aboard my mind and ask not for whom the whistle blows.

 Not just  for railroad guys...

                In commercial and business  terms urban legend railroad is also a website for Architects & Interior Design Professionals with railroad minded clientele, and decor ideas for Den and Depot...  Those professionals must please remember...This ain't the train set under the tree that we've all come to know and love in Western culture,  but an art form put together over the years by many entrepreneurial companies making products to accommodate scale model realism, in every culture. It is an amalgamation of many crafts to form an art practiced around the world. The intention of this website is art, art, and more art, delivered on a railroad train of magic and metaphor by  the Great Choo-Choo Zen... So enjoy the Trip...    

And welcome to the Urban Legend Railroad, Hobo Hangout, & Place
to Dream  Website.